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Monday, June 30, 2008

Microsoft wants the cake and eat it too

Steve Ballmer has been reported to be irritated by Apple's series of ads targeting Windows (and particularly Windows Vista) as the uncool operating system. Poor darling!

Frankly Mr. Ballmer, what did you expect?

On the one hand, Windows Vista has become infamous. Not only it is a resource hog, forcing you to purchase a more powerful machine to keep the same performance, but it is rigged with problems. Incompatible software, incompatible drivers, incompatible peripherals, you name it. The situation is so bad that even Intel is said to refuse to upgrade its 80,000 PCs to Vista.

But on the other hand Vista sales have been doing very well, thank you very much. Genius marketing? Nope! Vista just comes pre-installed with most computers these days. As of today, Microsoft has stopped selling Windows XP. One day you'll eventually have to change your PC and thus get the Vista license that comes with it (unless you want - and can - switch to Mac). In some rare cases you can get XP... if you agree to pay more: you actually pay for a Vista license and an XP license. Yes, you have to pay more to stay on XP.

In other words, in a supreme act of arrogance, Microsoft came up with a crappy operating system, shoves it down our throats and is annoyed to get some flack for it.

You can get power, money and fame but not all three of them. Microsoft has the power to force us to upgrade to Vista and makes a lot of money in the process. Sorry guys, if you expect a thank you note you live in lala land.


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